Booking information

Group bookings

At all our accommodations it is possible to organize, in consultation, special arrangements for one or several days,with orwithout catering. We are very happy to offer you these tailor-made services. Don’t hesitate to contact our reservation officer to be advised on the various  possibilities and get a tailor-made proposal.

Prices of group bookings: what is included?

The prices of group bookings are based on the rent of the accommodation and sailing costs (including fuel costs and fees for sports&bridges). A teamto guarantee safe conditions is standardly available at the accommodation. At the Robinson Crusoe island SailWise also provides sufficient and competent water sport instructors. The base price for group bookings does not includemeals and drinks. However, in case of  daily arrangements we can take care of catering for additional costs. In case of arrangements for more than one day, catering is not a standard option (but can be organized in consultation). In all cases, taking care of the crewand instructors (if applicable) is on the account of the customer. Please refer to ourwebsite for a full review of our prices and conditions.

Individual registration

Of course it is also possible for people with a disability or chronic disease to register as an individual for one of our challenging water sport holidays. In high season as well as in early and late seasonwe offer various possibilities that are appropriate for different target groups. We have special (mid)week arrangements e.g. for people with non-congenital brain damage, overforties, people who are ADL-independent, youth (aged 16-26 years), physically/sensory handicapped people and of course special weeks for mentally handicapped individuals.

In case of individual registrations an enthusiastic team of volunteerswill guarantee support/ADL-help if necessary. Our volunteers come well prepared: they follow a compulsory training and receive ample information beforehand. They all fully commit themselves to create the  conditions for an unforgettable holiday!

Individual registration: what is included?

The prices of individual bookings are based on full board, including assistance in daily care by volunteers, fuel and other sailing expenses and cancellation costs. Not included are the following: extra drinks and excursions, travel and luggage insurance (we advice you to arrange this) and transport to and from the pick-up point in the Netherlands. Please refer to ourwebsite for a full review of our arrangements, actual prices and conditions.


SailWise, its staff and all volunteers involved do their utmost to offer you an as enjoyable stay as possible at our accommodations. However, if you are not satisfied you can make use of our complaints procedure which can be sent to you on request.