Who are we?

SailWise offers since 1976 affordable water sports options for people with a physical or sensory limitation and for chronically ill people (about 75%) and for people with an intellectual limitation (about 25%). Half of them via group tours with individual registration and the other half via renting out accommodation with a program for groups such as institutions, revalidation centres and mythyl schools. On a yearly basis we reach over 5,000 water sports man days with the aid of 2,000 volunteer man days on three locations.


SailWise has the philosophy that water sports and active holidays on the water are an ideal instrument to contribute to the independence and autonomy of people with a handicap and /or chronic illness. Water sports offer with its various disciplines challenging possibilities for everyone. Above all of that water sports offer a fantastic way of leisure or holidays that helps people with a handicap get out of social isolation and promote integration. Because of this people with a handicap will feel physically and mentally less restrained and can get more out of daily life and lead their life in a more independent way.

Water sports is an ideal instrument that offers people with a handicap the chance to escape from social isolation, to integrate and to participate fully (the wind after all does not make a distinction) and to discover and change boundaries. It is not for nothing that revalidation centres and mytyl schools employ the facilities of SailWise in the framework of revalidation and development more and more.


Actively and independently participate in water sports and contribute to a physical and mental independence of people with a handicap. Mission: to assist people (with a handicap) to experience and enlarge their possibilities (Fit to Sail) by means of accessible water sports activities in relaxed and safe surroundings for everyone (Sailing for All).

Core values

  • Respect (approach people like everyone also would like to be approached themselves)
  • Look at the possibilities and not the limitations
  • Pleasure
  • Normal what can be normal and special what must be special
  • Safe preconditions



To keep the water sports holidays accessible also in a financial sense, we are depending on the financial support of sponsors and donations. The practical support of volunteers is unmissable, for instance during our water sports weeks.

SailWise is a member of the Dutch Branch Association for Adapted holidays and complies with the quality norms set by the NBAV