Ultimate sailing adventures aboard the Lutgerdina

Then the Lutgerdina! On this two-masted clipper passengers experience the ultimate adventure on the IJsselmeer, the Wadden Sea and the inland waterways. Everyone is actively involved in navigating, hoisting the sails, sailing manoeuvres and steering the 34 meters long ship.

Enjoying fantastic sailing, visiting scenic ports, beaching on theWadden, being anchored under an amazing starry sky, night sailing – it is all possible. The Lutgerdina, ‘Lut’ for insiders, is a unique two-masted clipper that has been completely adapted for people with a disability. It is fully accessible for wheelchairs, the gangways have been broadened and practically all sails can be operated from a wheelchair. Thanks to a modern hydraulic steering system even sailors with minimal arm- or hand function are able to steer the Lut independently.

When you take the lift to go to the lower deck, you enter the attractive saloon with an open kitchen. This is where the meals are jointly prepared and consumed. At othermoments, it is the place to exchange the ‘tall stories’ of the day.

The Lutgerdina offers space to amaximum of 20 guests (30 in case of day trips), including a maximum of 7 wheelchair users. There are 4 double huts available and 3 that accommodate 4 persons – allwith hot and coldwater and heating. A hoist, height adjustable beds and spacious adapted shower and toilet facilities guarantee your comfort.

A holiday aboard the Lutgerdina is more than just listening to themurmuring sound of water and feeling the wind blowing in your hair. The Lut offers you the unique experience to forget about your day-to-day worries and enjoy an active and unforgettable time with like-minded people.